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Winter Wanderlust

Hi, everyone. Winston the sloth here. Some of you might know me from my popular Instagram profile, @Sloth_ZooMontana. Since I arrived here in Billings and got settled into my new home at ZooMontana, I’ve learned a lot about all of the incredible things you can do here in Billings. And trust me – Billings is Open for Winter.

Just because I’m a sloth doesn’t mean I don’t have the inside fast-track on the coolest fall and winter getaways here in Montana’s Trailhead.
With very minimal help from a few human beings, I came up with six different ways for you to Forge Your Own Path – just like me!

Well, not exactly like me. You’d probably look pretty silly upside-down all day. Anyways, ever since I was just a little baby sloth, I’d always dreamed of being a social influencer. And this blog is my official debut, so I hope you enjoy!

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